The Lord of the Black Nazarene Foundation is a non stock non profit foundation based in Quiapo Church, Manila. It was established in 2009 by His Eminence Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, DD. Then Archbishop of Manila and Chairman of the Pastoral Board of Quiapo Church. He envisioned the Foundation to be a reach out of the Archdiocese of Manila to support Church Based institutions in their spiritual, pastoral and socio developmental programs as these assist the underprivileged members of their communities.


“We commit ourselves to assist churches in their task to bring peoples towards total integral development through spiritual nourishment, economic growth and social progress in their communities.”


“A world where communities are living in dignity and total human fulfillment.”


1.To provide grants for spiritual, social and economic programs of church based institutions financially in need.

2.To monitor program implementation of grants provided.

3.To manage fund generation and sustainability of the programs of the foundation.

4.To network with church and other institutions in the fulfillment of its goals.

5.To evaluate and improve on programs and approaches for the betterment of the services of the foundation.


  • Collaborate and build networks with organizations for fund generation
  • Establish and promote the foundation thru any means of communication.
  • To expand the foundation’s target sector.

Target Sector

Poor parishioners of Catholic church based institutions.

Areas of Funding

  1. Educational Scholarships
  2. Livelihood Assistance
  3. Crisis Intervention Assistance
  4. Disaster Rehabilitation/ Calamity Assistance
  5. Non Disaster Related Construction Assistance
  6. Value Formation and Evangelization Program Assistance
  7. Institutional Charitable Assistance

Annual Report